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10 Everyday Items that Cost More Than Term Life Insurance

Life is expensive, and we have a lot of things weighing on our shoulders. Whether it's our family's health, financial security, safety, or their future, it's a heavy load. But by not protecting your family with life insurance you're making the choice to shoulder the financial risk that "life" can deal to you all on your own.

Having a life insurance policy is you transferring the financial risk of something happening to you, (and it's guaranteed that at some point it will happen to all of us), and transferring it to the insurance company to shoulder. You pay a small premium for the guarantee that when you pass away, the insurance company will pay a much higher amount of money to your family. You're creating money where it didn't exist before. So why doesn't everyone make sure they have this protection in place?

According to a Life Happens and LIMRA study done last year, 65% of households have not purchased life insurance because they think it's too costly. To show that this is a common misconception, the study asked Americans to estimate what the cost of a $250,000 20 year, level term life insurance policy would cost for a healthy 30 year old male. 8 in 10 people overestimated the cost, guessing that it would be $400 a year, which is more than double the actual cost of about $160 a year, or about $13 a month. Surprisingly, 1 in 4 people thought it would cost more than $1,000 a year. (For a refresher on what "term" life insurance, or other types of life insurance products are, click here.)

So let's put the true cost of term life insurance in perspective. Below are 10 products or services that many of us regularly spend money on that costs more than that term policy we mentioned above:

  1. Food - According to the National Resource Defense Council, Americans waste approximately $529 per year, or $44 a month, on unwanted snacks or meals.

  2. Gym Membership - The $30 you spend every month for that gym membership that you never use could be better spent protecting your family's financial future.

  3. Entertainment - A pair of movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink could easily cost $25.

  4. Alcohol - 1% of the average American consumer's discretionary income is spent on alcohol according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  5. Games - Video games cost an average of $50 for new releases. Don't you think the guarantee of a roof over your child's head is more important than a game that will get played for a few months?

  6. Clothes - One pair of designer jeans can easily cost $50 or more.

  7. Tobacco - For households with smokers, 14% of Americans' incomes are spent on cigarettes.

  8. Gadgets - Depending on which model you get, an iPad costs around $550 with tax. That equates to almost three and a half years worth or premium payments.

  9. Cars - Save $3,000 on your next car purchase and over a six year loan period with 0% APR, you'll save $500 per year, or $40 a month.

  10. Electronics - That new 55" TV that costs $800 could be used to cover about five years of premiums.

Sometimes all it takes is stepping back and taking a look at where your money's going each month. This can make it easier to see where you can make small sacrifices that will enable you to buy an essential tool that will protect your family's financial future. And remember, it's better to have something instead of nothing. Start small if you have to, and as your budget expands, grow your life insurance coverage with it.

Ultimately, the peace of mind and knowledge that no matter what, your family will be protected is priceless.

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There's no better time than now to make sure that you and your family are protected.

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