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As friends worry about how they'll pay for their kids' college education, the parents of children with special needs have worries that extend beyond the few years it takes to get a college degree:

  • How will we pay for the special therapies our child needs now?

  • Who will pay our child's expenses once he or she becomes an adult?

  • Where will our child live and who will oversee his or her care after we're gone?


These questions and fears might stop you in your tracks.  Creating a plan can ease anxiety. Some of the issues you need to confront are financial: How do you set aside money for your child without affecting his or her government benefits? And some are emotional: Who would understand your child's needs if something were to happen to you right now?

Leveraging the power of the products & resources we have available, we can maximize the benefits for your child and give you peace of mind that they will be taken care of.

Did You Know?

A recent survey conducted by The Hartford revealed that out of 580 parents of children with special needs, 23 percent said they spend at least $500 a month to address their child's special needs. For parents of children with special needs, buying life insurance requires the same careful planning as other financial considerations. That's because under federal law, any inheritance of more than $2,000 can disqualify an individual from federal assistance.

Setting up a "special needs trust" can provide money for living expenses for your child without affecting any other assistance they may receive.


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