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Today, with fewer employers offering pension plans, most of us are having to look into other alternatives in order to stash away more of what we'll need for a comfortable retirement. It's not that saving for your life after your paycheck stops is anything new, but we're having to do more with less, and take retirement planning into our own hands. Whether you want to guarantee an income throughout retirement, increase your savings, or protect assets, you've got options.  


Start saving for retirement as soon as you start earning an income, even if you can't afford much at the beginning. Paying yourself first is the most important habit you can develop if you want to enjoy a financially healthy retirement.


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Did You Know?

There are 5 Things you Should "Do" to start an Effective Retirement Plan for Yourself.

Keep in mind that the life insurance premiums are based on age, health, and gender.


1. Create a real financial retirement plan. Whether you're in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, you need to put together a realistic retirement plan - even if it's a basic one.

2. Set up an Individual Retirement Account. These accounts can be an easy way to save more for retirement while providing tax advantages.

3. Build an emergency fund. You should have a liquid emergency fund for readily available cash when you need it.

4. Re-balance your portfolio. Reallocate your investments so you can continue to get the most return for the amount of risk you want to take.

5. Max out your retirement accounts. This not only helps you save more for retirement, but it also reduces your taxable income.

* Normal retirement age is considered 65, best strategy is made 5 to 10 years prior to retirement.

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